As mentioned in my previous post ‘The meaning of life’ I wish to help create systems that bring about sustainable happiness.

One idea I have to make this happen is to bring back/reinvent the temple. The purpose of the building will be to help/develop ourselves and others.

In essence I want it to be a place people can come at a loose end to find something to do for the good of humanity and as a place for people to develop their own minds. Everything should be geared towards creating and facilitating the existence of sustainable happiness – with the attempt to do this through developing greater understanding of ourselves and having somewhere to give us an outlet for positive actions.

I think a lot of people like myself would like to help towards creating a better world but aren’t too sure how to go about doing it, and amid the difficulties/time consumption required to think of something to do and find somewhere to do it the idea of the action gets lost. What I would like is to create one place that people can go to and be able to get whatever their positive intention is moving on from there.

The potential functions of the building should it become established (with other suggested ideas welcome)

1. somewhere for community projects to be pitched and organised.

2. somewhere for debate or to highlight problems about the community or wider issues and to try to find solutions to resolve them.

3. various classes (for free hopefully) about mental development.

4. (to go in hand with community projects) things set-up/run purely for fun rather than solving any direct problem. – life is about enjoyment and that should be a good enough reason in itself.

5. Have psychologist/councillor/life coaches/ or if nothing else just decent people about the place who are available for people to chat with. (Samaritans is a great concept but where does one go if their having difficulties they don’t feel they can talk about with others they know/or would simply feel they’d benefit from an outside opinion, but don’t consider themselves depressed/suicidal)

6. A place to express yourself

The focus is on human improvement and nourishment – improve yourself, improve society – the aim, to help create sustainable happiness. I call it a temple as it would be a place for self-development and greater understanding but whether you believe in God or not would not come into it- its open to all.

I want this temple to if nothing else, be a reminder to people of the importance of their own minds.